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So the Fed didn’t taper at all against the predictions of economists and to the bewilderment of markets. Econo-mystics’ are left scratching their heads while dollar signs flash in the eyes of traders and markets. It’s comical really because for all the training and education in the world they seem to be missing a fundamental point. Markets are spiking worldwide on the news of continuing cheap money (or at least they think it is) and it’s completely rational in the upside down world we find ourselves. Further QE would indicate that the economy is in bad shape and give pause to markets but the opposite is happening, bad news is good news and this has been the trend in the bizzaro world we’re navigating.
What is this fundamental thing people are all missing? It’s not a free market! We’ve entered the age of central bank economies, not the full trot communist centrally planned economy dictating where exactly the means of production are deployed (pretty close) but ‘planned’ via monetary extension. ie: essentially Ben Bernanke is maintaining interest rates low , bond yields low so that they push capital flows into the market . This is why you have the S&P hitting all time highs while the economy is ‘recovering’ modestly. The Fed’s objective with this is to encourage capital expenditure by companies through low interest rates and as such spur employment , even employing ‘forward guidance’ as new tool in the arsenal because there isn’t any more wiggle room with rates adjustment without chronic effects . Problem is a diminishing return with each leg of QE they put out.
Basically now, all the economics that you learned in college isn’t working. The figures don’t add up if you like but the premise is this; the market is being given the illusion of free market price determination but it’s not. It’s a Keynesian control economy, from’ intervention ‘to occupation if you like. We did a bit and it worked out ok so now let’s just run the whole damn thing. Business leaders smell the stench but can’t quite locate the rotting fish head their peers left in their dorm room. Like I said in a previous blog post , never call a bottom because it can always get worse so the party is on today but watch out for the hangover.




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Wait a minute?


The peace-maker , Snowden’s snuggle buddy and humble Russian bear wrestler.

Journalists killed Under Putin (incl. 2nd Chechen conflict)



  1. 1 February – Vladimir Yatsina, a photocorrespondent with ITAR-TASS. On his first and only trip to Chechnya he was kidnapped and later killed (by a group of Wahhabis some suggest).[83] Homicide [J].
  2. 10 February – Ludmila Zamana, Samara. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  3. 9 March – Artyom Borovik, Sovershenno sekretno periodical and publishing house, director and journalist. Sheremetyevo-1 Airport, Moscow. Incident not confirmed [?J].
  4. 22 March – Luisa Arzhieva, correspondent for Istina mira newspaper (Moscow). Avtury, Chechnya. Crossfire [?J].
  5. 17 April – Oleg Polukeyev, Homicide.
  6. 1 May – Boris Gashev, literary critic, . Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 13 May – Alexander Yefremov, Chechnya. A photojournalist with west Siberian newspaper Nashe Vremya, Yefremov died when militants blew up a military jeep in which he was travelling. On previous assignments, Yefremov won acclaim for his news photographs from the war-torn region. Crossfire [J].
  8. 16 July – Igor Domnikov, from Novaya Gazeta, Moscow. Struck over the head with a hammer in the stairwell of his Moscow apartment building, Domnikov lay in a coma for two months. His murderer was identified in 2003 and convicted in 2007 [13]. The men who ordered and organised the attack have been named by his paper but not charged. Homicide [J].
  9. 26 July – Sergei Novikov, Radio Vesna, Smolensk. Shot in a contract killing in stairwell of his apartment building. Claimed that he often criticized the administration of Smolensk Region. Homicide [?J].
  10. 21 September – Iskander Khatloni, Radio Free Europe, Moscow. A native of Tajikistan, Khatloni was killed at night in an axe attack on the street outside his Moscow apartment block. His assailant and the motive of the murder remain unknown. A RFE/RL spokeswoman said Khatloni worked on stories about the human-rights abuses in Chechnya.[84] Homicide [nJ].
  11. 3 October – Sergei Ivanov, Lada-TV, Togliatti. Shot five times in the head and chest in front of his apartment building. As director of largest independent television company in Togliatti, he was an important player on the local political scene.[85] Homicide. Gang responsible on trial [nJ].
  12. 18 October – Georgy Garibyan, journalist with Park TV (Rostov), murdered in Rostov-on-Don [nJ].
  13. 20 October – Oleg Goryansky, freelance journalist, press & TV. Murdered in Cherepovets, Vologda Region. Conviction [nJ].
  14. 21 October – Raif Ablyashev, photographer with Iskra newspaper. Kungur, Perm Region. Homicide [nJ].
  15. 3 November – Sergei Loginov, Lada TV (Togliatti). Incident not confirmed [nJ].
  16. 20 November – Pavel Asaulchenko, cameraman for Austrian TV, Moscow. Contract killing. Conviction of perpetrator [nJ].
  17. 23 November – Adam Tepsurkayev, Reuters, Chechnya. A Chechen cameraman, he was shot at his neighbor’s house in the village of Alkhan-Kala (aka Yermolovka). Tepsurkayev filmed most of Reuters’ footage from Chechnya in 2000, including the Chechen rebel Shamil Basayev having his foot amputated. Homicide (war crime) [J].
  18. 28 November – Nikolai Karmanov, retired journalist. Lyubim, Yaroslavl Region. Homicide [nJ].
  19. 23 December – Valery Kondakov, freelance photographer. Killed in Armavir, Krasnodar Region [nJ].


  1. 1 February – Eduard Burmagin, Homicide.
  2. 24 February – Leonid Grigoryev, Homicide [nJ].
  3. 8 March – Andrei Pivovarov, Homicide.
  4. 31 March – Oleg Dolgantsev, Homicide [nJ].
  5. 17 May – Vladimir Kirsanov,[87] chief editor. Kurgan, Urals Federal District. Homicide [J].
  6. 2 June – Victor Popkov, Novaya gazeta contributore, died in Moscow Region hospital. Wounded in Chechnya two months earlier. Crossfire [J].
  7. 11 September – Andrei Sheiko, Homicide [nJ].
  8. 19 September – Eduard Markevich, 29, editor and publisher of local newspaper Novy Reft in Sverdlovsk Region. Shot in the back[87] in a contract killing, homicide [J].
  9. 5 November – Elina Voronova, Homicide [nJ].
  10. 16 November – Oleg Vedenin, Homicide.
  11. 21 November – Alexander Babaikin, Homicide [nJ].
  12. 1 December – Boris Mityurev, Homicide.


  1. 18 January – Svetlana Makarenko, Homicide.
  2. 4 March – Konstantin Pogodin, Novoye Delo newspaper, Nizhni Novgorod. Homicide.
  3. 8 March – Natalya Skryl, Nashe Vremya newspaper, Taganrog. Homicide [?J].
  4. 31 March – Valery Batuyev, Moscow News newspaper, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  5. 1 April – Sergei Kalinovsky, Moskovskij Komsomolets local edition, Smolensk. Homicide [nJ].
  6. 4 April – Vitaly Sakhn-Vald, photojournalist, Kursk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 25 April – Leonid Shevchenko, Pervoye Chtenie newspaper, Volgograd. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 29 April – Valery Ivanov, founder and chief editor of Tolyattinskoye Obozrenie newspaper, Samara Region.[87] Contract killing [J].
  9. 20 May – Alexander Plotnikov, Gostiny Dvor newspaper, Tyumen. Homicide.
  10. 6 June – Pavel Morozov, Homicide.
  11. 25 June – Oleg Sedinko, founder of Novaya Volna TV & Radio Company, Vladivostok. Contract killing, explosive in stairwell [nJ].
  12. 20 July – Nikolai Razmolodin, general director of Europroject TV & Radio Company, Ulyanovsk. Homicide.
  13. 21 July – Maria Lisichkina Homicide [nJ].
  14. 27 July – Sergei Zhabin, press service of the Moscow Region governor. Homicide [nJ].
  15. 18 August – Nikolai Vasiliev, Cheboksary city, Chuvashia. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  16. 25 August – Paavo Voutilainen, former chief editor of Karelia magazine, Karelia. Homicide [nJ].
  17. 4 September – Leonid Kuznetsov, “Periodicals of Mari-El” publishing house, Yoshkar-Ola.[89] Incident not confirmed [?J].
  18. 20 September – Igor Salikov, head of information security at Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper in Penza. Contract killing [nJ].
  19. 26 September – Roderick (Roddy) Scott, Frontline TV Company, Great Britain. Crossfire [J].
  20. 2 October – Yelena Popova, Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  21. 19 October – Leonid Plotnikov Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  22. 26 October – Tamara Voinova (Stavropol) and Maxim Mikhailov (Kaliningrad), Dubrovka theatre siege (“Nord Ost” show), Moscow. Terrorist Act [nJ].
  23. 21 December – Dmitry Shalayev, Kazan, Tatarstan. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].



  1. 7 January – Vladimir Sukhomlin, Internet journalist and editor,, Moscow. Homicide. Off-duty police convicted of his murder, not those behind this contract killing [J].
  2. 11 January – Yury Tishkov, sports commentator, Moscow. Contract killing [nJ].
  3. 21 February – Sergei Verbitsky, publisher BNV newspaper. Chita. Homicide [nJ].
  4. 18 April – Dmitry Shvets, TV-21 Northwestern Broadcasting, Murmansk. Deputy director of the independent TV-21 station (Northwestern Broadcasting), he was shot dead outside the TV offices. Shvets’ colleagues said the station had received multiple threats for its reporting on influential local politicians. Contract killing [nJ].
  5. 3 July – Yury Shchekochikhin, Novaya gazeta, Moscow. Deputy editor of Novaya gazeta and a Duma deputy since 1993, he died just a few days before his scheduled trip to USA to discuss the results of his journalist investigation with FBI officials. He investigated “Three Whales Corruption Scandal” that allegedly involved high-ranking FSB officials. Shchekochikhin died from an acute allergic reaction. There has been much speculation about cause of his death. Investigation into his death has been opened and closed four times. Homicide [J].
  6. 4 July – Ali Astamirov, France Presse. Went missing in Nazran [?J].
  7. 18 July – Alikhan Guliyev, freelance TV journalist, from Ingushetia. Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 10 August – Martin Kraus, Dagestan. On way to Chechnya. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 9 October – Alexei Sidorov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye, Togliatti. Second editor-in-chief of this local newspaper to be murdered. Predecessor Valery Ivanov shot in April 2002.[87] Homicide. Supposed killer acquitted [?J].
  10. 24 October – Alexei Bakhtin, journalist and businessman, formerly Mariiskaya pravda. Mari El. Homicide [nJ].
  11. 30 October – Yury Bugrov, editor of Provincial Telegraph. Balakovo, Saratov Region. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  12. 25 December – Pyotr Babenko, editor of Liskinskaya gazeta. Liski, Voronezh Region. Homicide [nJ].


  1. 1 February – Yefim Sukhanov, ATK-Media, Archangelsk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  2. 23 March – Farit Urazbayev,cameraman, Vladivostok TV/Radio Company, Vladivostok. Incident not Confirmed [nJ].
  3. 2 May – Shangysh Mongush, correspondent with Khemchiktin Syldyzy newspaper, Tuva. Homicide [?J].
  4. 9 May – Adlan Khasanov, Reuters reporter, died in Grozny bomb attack that killed Chechen President Ahmed Kadyrov. Terrorist Act [J].
  5. 9 June – Paul Klebnikov, chief editor of newly established Russian version of Forbes magazine, Moscow. Contract killing, alleged perpetrators put on trial and acquitted. Homicide [J].
  6. 1 July – Maxim Maximov, journalist with Gorod newspaper, St Petersburg. Body not found. Homicide [J].
  7. 10 July – Zoya Ivanova, TV presenter, Buryatia State Television & Radio Company, Ulan Ude, Buryatia. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 17 July – Pail Peloyan, editor of Armyansky Pereulok magazine, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 3 August – Vladimir Naumov, nationalist reporter, Cossack author (Russky Vestnik, Zavtra), Moscow Region. Homicide [nJ].
  10. 24 August – Svetlana Shishkina,journalist, Kazan, Tatarstan. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  11. 24 August – Oleg Belozyorov, Moscow-Volgograd flight. Terrorist Act [nJ].
  12. 18 September – Vladimir Pritchin, editor-in-chief of North Baikal TV & Radio Company, Buryatia. Homicide [?J].
  13. 27 September – Jan Travinsky (St Petersburg), in Irkutsk as political activist for election campaign.[92] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].


  1. 23 May – Pavel Makeyev, reporter for TNT-Pulse Company, Rostov-on-Don. Run down while photographing illegal street racing. Incident not Confirmed [?J].
  2. 28 July – Magomed Varisov, political analyst and journalist, shot dead near his home in Makhachkala, Dagestan. He “had received threats, was being followed and had unsuccessfully sought help from the local police” according to Committee to Protect Journalists. Sharia Jamaat claimed responsibility for the murder.[94] Homicide [J].
  3. 31 August – Alexander Pitersky, Baltika Radio reporter, Saint Petersburg. Homicide [?J].
  4. 3 September – Vladimir Pashutin, Smolensky Literator newspaper, Smolensk. Not Confirmed [nJ].
  5. 13 October – Tamirlan Kazikhanov, head of press service for Anti-Terrorist Center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs‘s Main Department for the Southern Federal District, Nalchik. Crossfire [J].
  6. 4 November – Kira Lezhneva, reporter with Kamensky rabochii newspaper, Sverdlovsk Region.[95] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].



  1. 8 January – Vagif Kochetkov, newly appointed Trud correspondent in the region, killed and robbed in Tula. Acquittal [nJ].
  2. 26 February – Ilya Zimin, worked for NTV Russia television channel, killed in Moscow flat. Suspect in Moldova trial. Acquittal [nJ].
  3. 4 May – Oksana Teslo, media worker, Moscow Region. Arson attack on dacha. Homicide [nJ].
  4. 14 May – Oleg Barabyshkin, director of radio station, Chelyabinsk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  5. 23 May – Vyacheslav Akatov, special reporter, Business Moscow TV show, murdered in Mytyshchi Moscow Region. Killer caught and convicted. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  6. 25 June – Anton Kretenchuk, cameraman, local “Channel 38” TV, killed in Rostov-on-Don. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 25 July – Yevgeny Gerasimenko, journalist with Saratovsky Rasklad newspaper. Murdered in Saratov. Conviction [nJ].
  8. 31 July – Anatoly Kozulin, retired freelance journalist. Ukhta, Komi. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 8 August – Alexander Petrov, editor-in-chief, Right to Choose magazine Omsk, murdered with family while on holiday in Altai Republic. Under-age murderer charged and prosecuted. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  10. 17 August – Elina Ersenoyeva, reporter for Chechenskoye obshchestvo newspaper. Abducted in Grozny, Chechnya. Missing [?J].
  11. 13 September – Vyacheslav Plotnikov,reporter, local “Channel 41” TV, Voronezh. Incident not Confirmed [nJ].
  12. 7 October – Anna Politkovskaya, commentator with Novaya gazeta, Moscow, shot in her apartment building’s elevator;.[97][98][99][100] Four accused in contract killing, acquitted in February 2009 [J].
  13. 16 October – Anatoly Voronin, Itar-TASS news agency, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  14. 28 December – Vadim Kuznetsov, editor-in-chief of World & Home. Saint Petersburg magazine, killed in Saint Petersburg. Homicide [nJ].


  1. 14 January – Yury Shebalkin, retired journalist, formerly with Kaliningradskaya pravda. Homicide in Kaliningrad. Conviction [nJ].
  2. 20 January – Konstantin Borovko,presenter of “Gubernia” TV company (Russian: “Губерния”), killed in Khabarovsk.[46] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  3. 2 March – Ivan Safronov, military columnist of Kommersant newspaper. Died in Moscow, cause of death disputed.[102][103] Incident not Confirmed. Investigation under Incitement to Suicide (Article 110) [?J].
  4. 15 March – Leonid Etkind, director at Karyera newspaper. Abduction and homicide in Vodnik, Saratov Region. Conviction [nJ].
  5. 5 April – Vyacheslav Ifanov, Novoye televidenie Aleiska, cameraman. Previously attacked by local military. Aleisk, Altai. Incident not Confirmed [?J].
  • Marina Pisareva, deputy head of Russian office of German media group Bertelsmann was found dead at her country cottage outside Moscow in April[104][105]


(Putin’s final months as president – first 2 terms)

  1. 8 February – Yelena Shestakova, former journalist, St Petersburg. Killer sent to psychiatric prison. Homicide [nJ].
  2. 21 March – Gadji Abashilov, chief of Dagestan State TV & Radio Company VGTRK, shot in his car in Makhachkala. Homicide [?J].
  3. 21 March – Ilyas Shurpayev, Dagestani journalist covering Caucasus on Channel One, was strangled with a belt by robbers in Moscow.Alleged killers tracked to Tajikistan and convicted there of his murder. Homicide [?J].


  1. 9 July – Akhmednabi Akhmednabiev, deputy editor of the Novoe Delo was killed by several gun shots while he was driving just 50 metres from his house on the outskirts of provincial capital Makhachkala

It’s been a while since the last posts but such is the plight of the full time employed /part time blogger and one man army against lunatics in powerful places.

  • Naval base shooting – Aaron Alexis who is a mentally unstable discharged ex marine with a history of violent outbursts, shot and killed workers in a D.C naval base. After being discharged from the military for various misdemeanours he was quickly snapped up by the military contract company , given a ‘secret pass’ and authority to bugger around on navy IT systems .  The US govt and military seems to be incapable of learning lessons about vetting civilian staff that have access to military facilities and sensitive materials. Who cares about the content of character when the diversity scorecard is recruitment KPI.
  • Russia still clings to the ‘the rebels did it’ line on Syria despite the confirmation mission by the UN confirming what was known already.  After mocking the US in the post naval yard shooting, the Russians suffer a fire and damage on one of its nuclear submarines. Wonder if they’ll leave that crew to die too for Russian pride.
  • Brazil’s leader postpones US visit on spying row. No-one outside Brazil cares really and the Brazilian leadership would latch onto anything to keep the public from protesting in huge numbers over the spending on world cup soccer stadiums. ‘Look, look at the US spying on Brazil. There’s a CiA agent in your closet’.  South American leaders know that’ll get a rise out of the poor masses and chattering billionaires.
  • In some good news: Ozzies signed in the prime minister, Tony Abbot. You know he’s a top chap when the suicidal left goes to such extraordinary lengths to stigmatise the guy as a misogynist but the majority doesn’t care.
  • In Iraq more people died in the continuing and escalating violence since the Barak Obama exist of Iraq. More market and mosque bombings, horror and tragedy but on the flip side still less than the daily average death rate under Saddam.
  • UK veil ban touted.  Will the UK invoke equality and freedom and create special rights and special privileges under this banner? Who knows but I wonder if a UK court will allow the accused to wear his morph suite or Slipknot mask to court or force him against his personal belief set to remove it .
  • Without much protest from the usual militant human rights activists , one of their own in China was arrested and forced to make a televised ‘confession’ on state TV for blogging stuff the state didn’t like. Artistically it didn’t sit well with authorities so he will spend the foreseeable future in jail or worse. Nothing like cultural relativism and information ignorance to shield your exposed hypocrite nads from the good kicking they deserve.
  • GTAV is released, looks good but I get the feeling I’ve played this game before.


Never call a bottom because it can always get worse in unimaginable ways . After a full week of almost unanimous coverage of the first Zimmerman lynching attempt(no doubt there will be more) , we struck new lows with the Rolling Stone cover going with a terror chic cover on the surviving Boston bomber and accompanying white wash article . Good enough to keep the kettle boiling but just to add some accelerant , Obama comes out with another statement on the Zimmerman trial which was another display of complete buffoonery . Its enough to keep the media party in tangles so that the focus is firmly away from the litany of scandals plaguing the White house . Here’s a brief recap :

1. IRS scandal (targeting political opponents)
2. Snowden NSA scandal (spying program)
3. ATF or Fast and the Furious scandal (weapons to drug dealers)
4. AP and Rosenberg (targeted media surveillance)
5. Solyndra ( throwing good tax money after bad )
6. Black panthers (voter intimidation)
7. Eric Holder (perjury)
8. Obamacare
9. Immigration (Turning the country into a one party nation)
and last but not least important,
9. Benghazi

With all this taking a back seat to the Zimmerman trial, riots and Rolling stone its a welcome reprieve for the Obama admin which will keep it as fresh as possible with the ever helpful liberal media complex ,as the other stories are decimating the ‘Facebook’ presidents credibility domestically . Internationally he is an established joke (apart form the liberal Europe) , Russia and its strongman Putin are crying in disbelief at what they getting away with and compromises the president gave away so that his latest ‘threat’ of pulling out of talks is way to little way too late. Add to that Egypt , Iran and Israel you have a president that’s alienated nearly every single international ally and nation of importance that the United States has. Like I said , never call a bottom because him offering mutual reduction in nuclear weapon stockpiles as well as defence cuts and military dismantling has sent strong messages to allies in the east that the US isn’t in good shape to make good on military and nuclear treaties . This completes the alienation of global allies , increases the risk of nuclear proliferation and further increases the risk of terrorism . Not bad for a couple months into the second term . My big issue with everything happening in the states is Benghazi , where are the ‘I ‘am Amb. Chris Stevens ” campaigns , the ‘Justice for Chris Stevens’ posters and rallies ?
My guess is this , unless its a issue , scandal or blunder that doesn’t paint the US as a racist , bigoted , evil , unfair , oppressive and terrible country then its not worth perusing because its not following the narrative that America needs a ‘fundamental transformation’ , political code words that mean different things to different people . He sticks to America and many stick to him because the liberals have managed to convince many Americans that their founding values are evil and wrong via apologizing for them , embracing the terrorists values and organisations , attacking constitutional rights and dividing the country along almost every line but most importantly , on the belief in those values and a media that is horribly invested in this president . Look no further than Detroit as the blue print for the US’s future under the new founding father , America’s architect and the Democrat party . One founder , one president , one party .


USA : Another new low

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In another new low from what was the home of the brave , land of the free as the country erupts in rio ts  protests because the obvious decision in the Trayvon Martin was handed down, acquittal . Ignite the media fuelled window of opportunity to go bat shit crazy and unleash to the world the deep seated hatred that lied beneath the surface . Horrible , racist and envious people who see this as a affirmation of their belief that the country , its institutions and way of life is racist , bigoted and the cause of the personal failings through a sham trial .

The sacrifice to the mob was taken from them and now they are pissed , their bloodlust was ramped up ready for ceremonial judgement that would appease the legion of haters and their masochistic ‘ Klingons ‘ looking to ‘purify ‘ themselves by ingratiation and genuflexion to the cult of suffering .

None of the facts matter , nothing could shake the belief of Zimmerman’s  guilt  because white = bad racist (Hispanic ?? ) and black = innocent black . You see , stats don’t matter , facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter if it contradicts the running narrative which in retrospect will be looked at as being spurred on by the media party . It can be fairly well presented as a case which did expose the ‘institutional’  racism that exists in the US , that’s the self loathing liberal degenerates whose idea’s and policies have decimated the black communities in America and their ‘useful idiots’  creating a scene for political purposes .

Fact is George Zimmerman was going to always have a biased trial that was not in his favour , despite the flaws in the legal system it does and did produce a just result. Even with the immense pressure , the facts told their own story which contradicted the running narrative and the media saw the writing on the wall , as did the DOJ who was also so gracious  as to go out of their way to  ferment racial tension in Sanford .

Gladly , the real story is unfolding and the media party is trying their best to reframe the narrative as a miscarriage of justice and a ‘wake-up’ call that the justice system is a deeply flawed and racist system . (Sure the cumulative legal frame work devised over centuries and handed down through legal generation after generation is wrong because the blood lust of the mob isn’t satisfied).



PS: Keep banging the fake racism drum  , its saturation will negate the vacuous term it has become .


If you had to form an opinion on the state of Britain from the political elite then you would think everything was ok , you know the economy is tough and regular operational frustrations of government are present but ‘we’re in good shape chaps’ . Nothing could be further form the truth , the UK like many other countries in Europe and around the world are at War .
War takes place not just on the front lines and with soldiers ,guns , explosions in a far off land . Its modern incarnation is another quantum leap in the concept , the traditional battlefields are now coupled to the media, information, cultural ,legal ,political(local and international) as well as educational/indoctrination battlefields. With the tech boom has come the 21st century evolution of total war . There are many ironies involved too, most don’t think , understand or acknowledge that there is a war taking place because its not the kind of war most are traditionally accustomed too. Declarations of war , state on state , soldiers , tanks ect. The players are not conscious that they are even in a battle , its hidden behind ’causes’ (objectives) , protests (operations), activists (soldiers) and public opinion (territory) . The stakes however are still existential . The UK is right in the middle of this and most are still unaware of the players , the stakes , the rules of the fight or even what side they are on . The information battle space and streets reveal this story,   fortunately the bubble of middle class middle road, head in sand, politically correct indifference is starting to shatter . The media , politicians and chattering classes are trying their very best to gloss over what happening and losing because its effects are becoming more and more apparent to the people on the ground (Moms , dads,  families , communities) . The fabric of the country and people are changing , its govt is changing , its laws are changing and its borders are changing . This is the realm of war and revolution , not social progress. UK politicians or survey representatives (changing opinion on the latest survey not principle) are playing referee , a dangerous position and like in sports generally disliked by all parties and sing from virtually the same hymn book. Britons are waking up slowly from the madness they thought was a dream into a reality worse than they suspected . A once free country , free people and bastion of enlightenment values has descended into a one of the most socialist , fascist , pro-censorship , anti-free speech and expression states in the world . Many Brits are embracing this through the indoctrination and subversion provided by academics , the supra-nationalist fascist EU , a usurped media and a force feeding of celebrity culture entertainment as an escapist medium needed for a fundamental transition of society into tyranny by anti-fascists no less . If so many British didn’t agree that Briton has no ‘culture’ (I threw up in my mouth a bit at this , no racism there), so much so that it opened the flood gates to 3rd world hell holes as a project for cultural enrichment , I might have a little more pause for thought. But alas, to see the complete capitulation of culture and values to the ‘new Britons’ cultural norms which reaped so many successes in their home countries which necessitated this migration is another indicator of the state of masochistic self suicide the British are embracing . It appears truth is stranger than fiction when you can see 1984 evolve with your very own eye’s . A awakening has started but the battles are still to come,  the world is upside down and it ain’t going to turn itself right-side up .

Here is an recent example :

Here is the Glossy veneer :

United hey?

Lets see if we can pick some info from whats going on in the battlefield  :

Someone needs to tell them that!


ok !Always promising to see Nazi’s .


We’re totally socialist until we have to pay for other people.


My favourite , protesting against the very system that made you the wealthiest , most free and liberal nations in the world …… Fascinating.


Angry anarchists , yip nothing solves problems like anarchy.


Peaceful protests .


Welcome to the 21st century where these guys are the bad protesters ,racists , bigots and crazies .You may notice a few differences .

0415-Tea-party-rally_jpg_full_600 912-TeaParty-DC-09-600x350 article-1160958-03D75616000005DC-513_634x415

So many causes to keep you busy ,

_49153982_jex_811662_de27-1 800_cp_montreal_student_protest_120223 Anti-NRA-protesters-via-AFP Final_ABW_Logo_-_V imagesCA0X0B39 imagesCACW5IM1

Yip , boycott the only liberal democratic nation in the middle east : Go tyranny and oppression!

imagesCAL1W2LL imagesCAM7XC0K imagesCASGPBS4

and finally : You nearly got it , just remove have and to and you’re good to go .


Question is where are the protests for freedom , for liberty ?   It seems people are protesting what they against but have no idea what they are for , probably no-coincidence to the advent of the professional activist protester.

Really , How has it come to this ?

Mos Def (initely)

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Get your violins out people, the poor Guantánamo prisoners are bring force fed to keep them alive. This human right travesty is exposed by Yasiin Bey ,a.k.a Mos Def, formally known as Dante Terrell Smith (you know the guy from movies and stuff) in a video, which he goes through the force feeding procedure. It’s all really dramatic and terribly invasive; it’s not very nice as my nephew would say. ( Video here)
Not to miss a human rights window Hollywood stars are always keen to insert themselves in issues which they have about as much qualification to talk about as David Beckham on rocket propulsion. So this delightful piece of propaganda would of course be picked up and slapped on the pages and websites of various news publications because it’s you know Mos Def, it’s also directed by Asif Kapadia and with non-profit organisation (so you know they the good guys) Reprieve .
Now I understand that hard core lefties are incapable of understanding that there are times when there are no ‘good options’ when dealing with an issue/problem or decision, so we need to account for this when looking at why a famous’ish actor/rapper /philanthropist/activist /Hollywood darling would venture to put his name to a cause (because all causes are good) or opposition to this practise but then again , have they even asked the question as to whether this decision to force feed prisoners is even just ,right, moral and in the context of the war on terror (is it over , isn’t it ? lots of people continue to be victims ?) whether this is in line with US values . Now the war on terror aspect can be fairly important if not the core issue in this regard because if you believe there is no war on terror, there is no terrorist threat and the US govt is source of terror (ie: did it to themselves) then much can be explained and this would be a priority cause for any self respecting American, famous or not. I believe Mos/Yasiin/Dante fits in to this category but hold that thought I’ll address that soon enough. First, let’s reject this idea and go with the obvious truth that the threat of terror is real and it’s being perpetrated by various terror groups around the world under various umbrella groups that have varying extreme ideological stand points. Here some points and comparisons that should be weighed up, when forming a opinion on the matter.
The war on terror, or actively engaging the terrorist threat is not a conventional war as we think of historically. It’s a trans-national war of ideas; militarily it’s directed at states that are ideologically in opposition with them. This again is something a hard lefty cannot quite grasp fully. If you accept the framing of the war on terror then you can understand that this is going to open new areas of moral ambiguity, grey areas and historical treaties like the Geneva Convention ect are not quite the perfect blue print for conduct in this kind of war. For example, how, who, where and when people become enemy combatants is a tricky designation and the legal aspects become again problematic when looking for things like legal precedent. Essentially, charting new waters which means they rely on fundamental heuristics to move forward. This of course again is not quite compatible to the hard core lefty’s world view, as a non utopian or imperfect result is a terrible travesty. The mental gymnastics required to make sense of this can be seen in saint Obama’s handling of the whole Gitmo situation, can’t close it like he promised so you need to twist, turn and blame Bush. Also you need to ‘justify’ summary execution via drones that is the alternative to capture and rendition which has been the policy in addressing ‘enemy combatants’ in the framework of the war on terror. It does lead one to believe that death is a better solution to the hard core left than imprisonment or detention under less than ‘perfect’ conditions. Can’t be though because Reprieve is against the death penalty or is it that they think these ‘people’ should just be set free? Set free where exactly? The US? Their native countries don’t want them in many cases, making their transfer rather problematic again. The reasons for the prisoner’s hunger strike are also of interest, the reason which the MSM force feeds us also doesn’t quite add up. They say that it’s to protest (again, all protesters are the good guys) their detention and delays in their transfer out of the prison. I say bullocks; the reasons are in line with both the left and militant Islam’s aims. To make the US the human rights abuser in the media, to PR their ideological agenda and become martyrs for that cause which will inspire a new generation of militants. Are the ‘innocent’ detainee’s really willing to die from starvation to make their voices heard? Counter intuitive to their plight for release it would seem (need to be alive to be released). Probably why only some of the hunger strikers are being force fed. At this point you might consider my view as rather callous; well we can compare it to the treatment of US/western prisoners that the ‘enemy’ capture. Wait I forgot, you can’t use single moral standard in judging these actions, there’s none for them and absolute, perfect virtue for the US . But here’s a taste, unless its solicit payment (remember that rape, torture and starvation accompany this) terrorists don’t take prisoners and if they do, it’s going to end in a Nick Berg event. A web delivered public execution on the cuff. The response to this is the usual we must take the moral high ground ect, well I hate to break it to you, it is the moral high ground! Not letting them die from starvation and not executing them as a PR video message to the world is the moral high ground. Again the hard left’s inability to do arithmetic without equivalent numbers prevents a judgement on this due to a lack of relativism and subtle but colossal racism. If people cannot be held to the same accountable moral standard then there is no moral standard, no moral judgement can be made and their judgements on the treatment of prisoners, well baseless.
Now why would Mos take on this particular issue in a world of almost infinite plight, hardship, abuse and injustice? I can understand that an innocent wrongly imprisoned is an injustice, but does Mos know for sure that it is innocent prisoners that are part of the group of prisoners that are being force fed? Are those innocents, ideologically motivated enough to endure the force feeding thereby making their wrongful imprisonment even more unbearable? Probably not so he must be against the procedure itself, which as a point of interest was
‘ On December 6, 2006, the UN War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague approved the use of force-feeding of Serbian politician Vojislav Šešelj. They decided it was not “torture, inhuman or degrading treatment if there is a medical necessity to do so…and if the manner in which the detainee is force-fed is not inhuman or degrading”.
Clearly the video illustrates that the procedure can be very unpleasant (so can a spinal tap) but I suspect it’s to leave one with the impression it’s inhumane and degrading. Then again, a prostrate check is degrading but necessary. So is the choice a parent has when agreeing to an invasive and unpleasant medical treatment for their child. As I said earlier that I believe Mos def’s decision to do this was ideologically driven, I suspect he believes there is no terrorist threat and that the US govt despite saint Obama is the threat. Let’s look at the why he would choose this particular issue, firstly it’s a fairly clear that the prisoners in question are islamists , militant Islamic terrorists . Mos Def took his Shahada or declaration of faith into Islam at 19, this has implications. Out of all the abuses, injustices and violence perpetrated against Muslims why has he chosen the Gitmo prisoners to insert his fame in favour of? Did scope and scale of the problems have any impact in his decision? Is the force feeding of Muslim girls in Mauritania to make them plump enough for their prospective husbands get a fair hearing or the enslavement of non-Muslims blacks in that country ? What about the brutal practise of female genital mutilation? (I bet he would attempt a try at that) Far more than the 18 individuals being force fed in Gitmo. What about the treatment of prisoners in let’s say Iran, in particular women. How about the forced amputation of hands and feet of prisoners in Islamic states? I would have to put out a challenge to find any criticism Mos has against any Muslim state, group or sect. He simply would not do this, his father (Abdul Rahman) was a member of the nation of Islam, you know the group described by The Southern Poverty Law Center as a “theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate” and its leader Louis Farrakhan. The only historical reason he has to this is his support for fellow Muslim, the glorified convicted cop murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal, member of the Black Nationalist movement, Black Panther Party and pin-up convict of extreme left organisations. This is the guy that has been made an honorary citizen of about 25 cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Montreal, Palermo and Paris (Notably all cities with large Muslim immigrant populations). Has won awards for his anarchist-communist essays, has a street named after him in Paris and ironically is an honorary member of Society of People Persecuted by the Nazi Regime – Federation of Anti-Fascists (VVN-BdA). See Islam’s relationship with Nazism. He also has a number of American institutions which fancy him too.
It’s not hard to connect the dots in Mos Def’s activism; it’s rooted in anti-Americanism, communist and supremacist Islamism. If he has the same kind of activist offence at say the treatment of prisoners in China or North Korea’s forced hard labour camps I would have pause for thought. He is the pretty much a hollywood ‘useful idiot ‘, a self appointed subversion agent, racist conspiracy quack.