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Crime SA :

Posted: September 18, 2013 in South Africa

South African crime stats will be released tomorrow and the annual dump of ‘reliable’ statistics will provide another window into the scourge that plaguing society as a whole. If crime was a Olympic sport then South Africa would definitely be a ranked medal contender. The humble competitor thats modest about their performance and results. Crime is out of control , murder , rape , child rape , child murder , robbery , home invasions , atm bombing ect .
The police are horribly under-trained, under staffed, modestly paid, killed, demonised and remarkably over worked. This results in shoddy police work, bribery and corruption .Prosecutors then have terribly low conviction rates, get over worked and justice is lost. These failures have a knock on effect of the public’s loss of faith in the police and judiciary. Add to that a president who is quick to release convicts because of overcrowding and maximum sentencing for murderers of 13 yrs due to the same reason, you get a picture of a truly broken system of justice. So much so that communities take action themselves through mob justice, truly horrifying events where people gather kids around to watch someone’s skull be split open by rocks or burnt alive. This is often intermingled with xenophobic attacks which have flared up over the past few years. South Africa is the country with the highest rate of asylum seekers in the world, more so than the collective asylum seekers in Europe. No-one knows how many are really in the country.
The there is the massive problem of the police service itself and its officials. Many police officers are incapable of writing a statement (a national program was set out to address his) , many do not have drivers licences , police stations require private security because they keep been robbed by armed criminals and their guns stolen . Then there is the problem of the police themselves being convicted criminals;
They included a major general, 10 brigadiers, 21 colonels, 10 majors, 43 lieutenant colonels, 163 captains, 84 lieutenants, 716 warrant officers, 267 sergeants, 129 constables, and two personnel officers.
They also have one police commissioner (Jackie Salebi) in prison on corruption charges and ‘friends’ with a convicted drug lord, another dismissed due to corrupt management of state resources and the new commissioner that was in charge over the Marikana massacre .
The govt and police gloss over these things as usual stipulating legal caveats as justification but it seems this is rather norm than the exception.


We all know ‘culture’ trumps common sense but are you willing to put your dong on the line? Apparently other people are quite willing to put at risk young boys dongs at the altar of ‘Culture’.

If you can cloak behaviour under the banner of ‘culture’ then the law, common sense and morality all take second place.  Every year thousands of young men are forced/coerced/abducted (whichever) into the bush to undergo initiation ceremonies whereby some ‘secret’ rituals are conducted and the young men (14-17) undergo circumcision.   Not the worst but terrifying when you know that a large number of these boys will not survive, many are mutilated and the rest become ‘men ’in accordance with cultural outlook.  The boys are often ‘operated on’ by unqualified ‘traditional healers’ in less than sterile and medically safe conditions (it’s the bush FFS), who have zero accountability for any botched surgeries because it’s all cloaked in the fog of “tradition’ and ‘culture’.

Here’s the thing, in the modern world if you can conduct medical procedures, prescribe medical treatment and be a registered medical practitioner without any govt oversight, scientific rigour, medical qualifications , legal accountability or medical insurance for that matter as long as its steeped in stone age witchcraft protected by ‘cultural rights’  . Your prescriptions (which do kill people) do not have to pass pharmaceutical testing and compliance to determine the risk and side effects of these medications. This is the realm of western medicine and a very ‘euro-centric ‘way of looking at health care.

As long as your spiritual meaning is realised on the backs of destroyed young boys and their family’s lives, it’s ok, it’s cultural. Perhaps a cultural view that surviving a bush camp with your dong intact is not a gateway to manhood but looking after your family, community as well as being a role model to young men is a determination of manhood and respect then there could be a change for the better in these communities like, lowering of cases of rape, of children born into single parent homes or sibling/grandparent led households, reducing crime, reducing drug addiction, better school results ect.

Maybe it’s just me but perhaps in the 21st century we should stop this obsession with children’s genitals and what we need to cut from them because it’s ‘what’s been done for generations’. To edit the famous Pink Floyd track:

“ Hey Preacher…….”

“Leave them kids genitals alone”

(wonder if we can get baby tattooing green lit under the guise of cultural rights??)

EFF :what you need to know

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Africa, South Africa

Watch and learn , national socialists big plans ! Save us all if they have more than 3 peoples support. Most know where this is headed if they get any kind of voice when he’s a big Zimbabwe fan , has a real affinity for Venezuela and Cuba with their mass murdering icons of human suffering and oppression .  Please do note that while their primary policy is the removal of private property rights , Julius is fighting in court to retain some of the many properties he owns  from the state because of tax fraud (anti-corruption ?????) of around 17million he somehow raised off a self declared R20k salary . To boot a roaring racist who was about 9 years old when Apartheid ended will somehow be looked over . The pathetic , biased , racist media who let this guy get away without asking a single tough question is merely complicity , low and behold Steve ‘the racist’ Hoffmeyer says something true but racially ‘insensitive ‘ and its battle stations but a genocide singing , racist commie who’s goal is the destruction of SA as a free democracy is the media love child , you can sell a lot of newspapers , get loads of clicks  and screw the risk, danger of this vile human being and his ‘useful’ idiots . The berets ! Please you little ignorant wannabe revolutionaries are not militants but self loathing cowards who project your filth at the rest of us .

Right its very taboo to bring up what is dubbed white genocide in South Africa , which is your first red flag because you will not try  to stop speech and discussion on  a topic  which would easily be refuted ? hmmm……

Even in the White community its a bit of a no-go area , I mean looking at the ‘stats’ (which are non-existent ) we can see a completely different picture . Whites are wealthy , live in security villages and have a wonderful life in the ‘New South Africa ‘.

For some at least that get pressed up in the media as the norm , add some fantastical stats on that and its non-sense .

Devil is in the details however , South Africa’s white population is down more than 10% since 1900 where they represented 20% of the population . It now sits at around 9% , including those that have left the country for various reasons including the incredible crime levels (no-one is untouched by violent crime) , race based discrimination , opportunity ect.

Then there’s the demonization , vilification , dehumanisation  and public songs sung at political rallies calling for said ‘white genocide ‘ .

Don’t forget precious Mandela singing about it too :

Strangely its the so-called born free generation that’s seems to be very excited about this subject including our friend below :



Brave enough to even tweet it to the police service (organised crime) and the human rights council (Human rights shield for the ruling Marxists)

We must just keep quite though because the ivory tower whites seem fine , I mean go to Cape town or Joburg , everything is cool .  Despite the recurring home invasions , torture and wiping out of families , you can’t talk about it because it might upset black peoples feelings and you know crime affects everyone . Indeed but until they release accurate stats (they only release stats when they want now , refused before ) then the scale of the problem can really be acknowledged . Until then the daily news of another friend or acquaintance being robbed , raped , tortured and killed will continue , with out evidence we can claim we all share the ‘crime problem’ (violence epidemic) , it does seem to be shared a bit more by some . Lets not forget the plight of women , in SA its up to 3600 rapes a day . Grannies , children (they like the children) , anybody! Must be that poverty that gets them all horned up for a rape , or is it the anti-retroviral /weed/rat poison drug combination called ‘wonga’ that’s so popular . Yes , they free Hiv medication is being used and sold to make drugs , no effect on the mutations and need for new kinds of anti-retroviral. Many problems but surely the threats and trend that looks like genocide should be taken with some degree of importance even if at the surface it seems improbable.  (white washing of the problem – only 1-2% of the population ? where did you get that figure and well how many is enough ? 100 000 , 200 000 till we say ok lets say something ) .

Seriously Eskom ? Really if you ever wanted a perfect case study on why Govt should not run businesses then look no further than Eskom . The state monopoly behemoth that supplies power to South Africa , now after massive increases in price (no negative effect on the economy there) they still need further funds . I’m again blown away by the remarkable incompetence of anyone elected to run these institutions but then again to be qualified as a minister all you need is to be a card carrying member of the ruling alliance who knows their place . Don’t worry they are democratic , just in the kind of Marxist way . Lets name a few of these state ‘companies’ bringing in a revenue to fill the treasury with cash to uplift the country :
Eskom – Fail see above link. (monopoly)
SAA (Airline) – FAIL
Telkom – FAIL (monopoly)
SABC( State broadcaster) – FAIL

Lets stop there but follow this for a slice of what we getting at here .

Of course Govt wants even more state involvement in the nationalisation of mines and banks , not they haven’t sabotaged the mining industry enough or the construction industry (by not paying their bill) . They are the best and most efficient body to run these companies and industries. Only 44% of the economy is in state hands and with this performance, we definitely need to move forward with their ‘democratic’ plan to fully manage all property and means of production in the country .

Eat the crumbs peasants , the ruling elite have you where they want you . On the floor while they eat at the table .

Zuma’s new home paid for by the taxpayer



Common SA home


Lets not forget the beautiful new homes being built for the people , unfortunately its deed stays with the state and administered by the unelected chiefs.



The ruling alliance : no writing on the wall here .



It’s those greedy white monopoly capitalists (WTF?) you need to watch out for !  They build stuff and create jobs , just to exploit you.




How did it come to this !




There’s a lot to talk about when looking ahead at the elections in 2014, what is being touted as probably the most important elections since 94’ is going to be a test on South African public’s faith in the ruling ANC . A faith that has been fairly unshaken since it assumed power.
So why the entire hullabaloo if the picture has been consistent for quite some time? Well there are ‘new’ parties entering the fray which are going to change the political landscape, apparently. We have seen this show before in 08 when the first salvo of high ranking ANC members who were on the wrong side of the camp Zuma juggernaut of the Polokwane conference break away. Forming the party COPE (Congress of the people), much excitement but with a small showing at the poles it relegated the party to minnow status and since been riddled with leadership and pubic squabbles. The ANC will know that any new party will face similar issues, particularly those defecting from the mother body. In the interim , the camp Zuma juggernaut has continued to shed even the most ardent supporters from its ranks , the most high profile being Julius (‘I will kill for Zuma’) Malema . The ANC youth league leader, dismissed by camp Zuma and ostracised by the ANC. The relationship soured, the youth league got disbanded and now JM is starting his own party the EFF (Economic freedom fighters). The next upstart to emerge is Agang , a new party started by the Apartheid activist , business women and former life partner of Steve Biko , Mamphela Aletta Ramphele . Still in its fledgling stages its policies are still in ‘draft’ status, it appears to be trying to draft its policies from a grass root input level. Its aims are ambitious but its policies still unclear. Let’s not forget National Freedom Party (NFP) , a offshoot of the IFP (Inkatha Freedom party) formed in 2011 .
So the line-up looks as this:
ANC – Jacob Zuma – 65.9% (09)
DA – Helen Zille – 16.66 % (09)
COPE – Mosiuoa Lekota – 7.42%(09)
IFP – Mangosuthu Buthelezi – 4.55% (09)
Agang – Mamphela Ramphele – ?
EFF – Julius Malema – ?
NFP- Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi – ?
The rest are sub-1% parties and combined aren’t big enough to match any of the established parties.
These are the likely players in the 14’ election in SA , with a ground swell of dissent in the South African public around the performance , scandal and corruption in the ruling congress as well as the continuing poverty and economic hardship many think it will be another defining moment in SA politics and for the country as a whole . Keep an eye out for future articles where we can call them back and tell them “You’re dreaming”.

Well we’ve reached that point in South Africa as protests and political disputes descend into a faeces throwing …. like Chimpanzees .   From throwing your own/everyone’s shit at politicians cars to the steps of parliament , its now reached the building where tourists and diplomats first step onto South African soil the Cape Town International Airport. We’ve come to expect a degree of hypocrisy in daily life but its difficult to turn away a opportunity to point out that demanding dignity by throwing shit at people isn’t building your case. If only they could turn their activism into actual actions which move towards achieving your goal rather than waiting for the people you assault with faeces to do it for you would be a novel idea .  Then again, who I ‘am I to contradict scientists who see this kind of behaviour as a sign of intelligence and the more accurate your are ,the more intelligent .


parallel behaviour’s?