Today in the news or “ Sh&t is F%cked , here the highlights” .

Posted: September 18, 2013 in World
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It’s been a while since the last posts but such is the plight of the full time employed /part time blogger and one man army against lunatics in powerful places.

  • Naval base shooting – Aaron Alexis who is a mentally unstable discharged ex marine with a history of violent outbursts, shot and killed workers in a D.C naval base. After being discharged from the military for various misdemeanours he was quickly snapped up by the military contract company , given a ‘secret pass’ and authority to bugger around on navy IT systems .  The US govt and military seems to be incapable of learning lessons about vetting civilian staff that have access to military facilities and sensitive materials. Who cares about the content of character when the diversity scorecard is recruitment KPI.
  • Russia still clings to the ‘the rebels did it’ line on Syria despite the confirmation mission by the UN confirming what was known already.  After mocking the US in the post naval yard shooting, the Russians suffer a fire and damage on one of its nuclear submarines. Wonder if they’ll leave that crew to die too for Russian pride.
  • Brazil’s leader postpones US visit on spying row. No-one outside Brazil cares really and the Brazilian leadership would latch onto anything to keep the public from protesting in huge numbers over the spending on world cup soccer stadiums. ‘Look, look at the US spying on Brazil. There’s a CiA agent in your closet’.  South American leaders know that’ll get a rise out of the poor masses and chattering billionaires.
  • In some good news: Ozzies signed in the prime minister, Tony Abbot. You know he’s a top chap when the suicidal left goes to such extraordinary lengths to stigmatise the guy as a misogynist but the majority doesn’t care.
  • In Iraq more people died in the continuing and escalating violence since the Barak Obama exist of Iraq. More market and mosque bombings, horror and tragedy but on the flip side still less than the daily average death rate under Saddam.
  • UK veil ban touted.  Will the UK invoke equality and freedom and create special rights and special privileges under this banner? Who knows but I wonder if a UK court will allow the accused to wear his morph suite or Slipknot mask to court or force him against his personal belief set to remove it .
  • Without much protest from the usual militant human rights activists , one of their own in China was arrested and forced to make a televised ‘confession’ on state TV for blogging stuff the state didn’t like. Artistically it didn’t sit well with authorities so he will spend the foreseeable future in jail or worse. Nothing like cultural relativism and information ignorance to shield your exposed hypocrite nads from the good kicking they deserve.
  • GTAV is released, looks good but I get the feeling I’ve played this game before.

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