Crime SA :

Posted: September 18, 2013 in South Africa

South African crime stats will be released tomorrow and the annual dump of ‘reliable’ statistics will provide another window into the scourge that plaguing society as a whole. If crime was a Olympic sport then South Africa would definitely be a ranked medal contender. The humble competitor thats modest about their performance and results. Crime is out of control , murder , rape , child rape , child murder , robbery , home invasions , atm bombing ect .
The police are horribly under-trained, under staffed, modestly paid, killed, demonised and remarkably over worked. This results in shoddy police work, bribery and corruption .Prosecutors then have terribly low conviction rates, get over worked and justice is lost. These failures have a knock on effect of the public’s loss of faith in the police and judiciary. Add to that a president who is quick to release convicts because of overcrowding and maximum sentencing for murderers of 13 yrs due to the same reason, you get a picture of a truly broken system of justice. So much so that communities take action themselves through mob justice, truly horrifying events where people gather kids around to watch someone’s skull be split open by rocks or burnt alive. This is often intermingled with xenophobic attacks which have flared up over the past few years. South Africa is the country with the highest rate of asylum seekers in the world, more so than the collective asylum seekers in Europe. No-one knows how many are really in the country.
The there is the massive problem of the police service itself and its officials. Many police officers are incapable of writing a statement (a national program was set out to address his) , many do not have drivers licences , police stations require private security because they keep been robbed by armed criminals and their guns stolen . Then there is the problem of the police themselves being convicted criminals;
They included a major general, 10 brigadiers, 21 colonels, 10 majors, 43 lieutenant colonels, 163 captains, 84 lieutenants, 716 warrant officers, 267 sergeants, 129 constables, and two personnel officers.
They also have one police commissioner (Jackie Salebi) in prison on corruption charges and ‘friends’ with a convicted drug lord, another dismissed due to corrupt management of state resources and the new commissioner that was in charge over the Marikana massacre .
The govt and police gloss over these things as usual stipulating legal caveats as justification but it seems this is rather norm than the exception.


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