Give me his penis and I will present the Man! (graphic)

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Africa, South Africa
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We all know ‘culture’ trumps common sense but are you willing to put your dong on the line? Apparently other people are quite willing to put at risk young boys dongs at the altar of ‘Culture’.

If you can cloak behaviour under the banner of ‘culture’ then the law, common sense and morality all take second place.  Every year thousands of young men are forced/coerced/abducted (whichever) into the bush to undergo initiation ceremonies whereby some ‘secret’ rituals are conducted and the young men (14-17) undergo circumcision.   Not the worst but terrifying when you know that a large number of these boys will not survive, many are mutilated and the rest become ‘men ’in accordance with cultural outlook.  The boys are often ‘operated on’ by unqualified ‘traditional healers’ in less than sterile and medically safe conditions (it’s the bush FFS), who have zero accountability for any botched surgeries because it’s all cloaked in the fog of “tradition’ and ‘culture’.

Here’s the thing, in the modern world if you can conduct medical procedures, prescribe medical treatment and be a registered medical practitioner without any govt oversight, scientific rigour, medical qualifications , legal accountability or medical insurance for that matter as long as its steeped in stone age witchcraft protected by ‘cultural rights’  . Your prescriptions (which do kill people) do not have to pass pharmaceutical testing and compliance to determine the risk and side effects of these medications. This is the realm of western medicine and a very ‘euro-centric ‘way of looking at health care.

As long as your spiritual meaning is realised on the backs of destroyed young boys and their family’s lives, it’s ok, it’s cultural. Perhaps a cultural view that surviving a bush camp with your dong intact is not a gateway to manhood but looking after your family, community as well as being a role model to young men is a determination of manhood and respect then there could be a change for the better in these communities like, lowering of cases of rape, of children born into single parent homes or sibling/grandparent led households, reducing crime, reducing drug addiction, better school results ect.

Maybe it’s just me but perhaps in the 21st century we should stop this obsession with children’s genitals and what we need to cut from them because it’s ‘what’s been done for generations’. To edit the famous Pink Floyd track:

“ Hey Preacher…….”

“Leave them kids genitals alone”

(wonder if we can get baby tattooing green lit under the guise of cultural rights??)


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