Never call a bottom :

Posted: July 22, 2013 in World
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Never call a bottom because it can always get worse in unimaginable ways . After a full week of almost unanimous coverage of the first Zimmerman lynching attempt(no doubt there will be more) , we struck new lows with the Rolling Stone cover going with a terror chic cover on the surviving Boston bomber and accompanying white wash article . Good enough to keep the kettle boiling but just to add some accelerant , Obama comes out with another statement on the Zimmerman trial which was another display of complete buffoonery . Its enough to keep the media party in tangles so that the focus is firmly away from the litany of scandals plaguing the White house . Here’s a brief recap :

1. IRS scandal (targeting political opponents)
2. Snowden NSA scandal (spying program)
3. ATF or Fast and the Furious scandal (weapons to drug dealers)
4. AP and Rosenberg (targeted media surveillance)
5. Solyndra ( throwing good tax money after bad )
6. Black panthers (voter intimidation)
7. Eric Holder (perjury)
8. Obamacare
9. Immigration (Turning the country into a one party nation)
and last but not least important,
9. Benghazi

With all this taking a back seat to the Zimmerman trial, riots and Rolling stone its a welcome reprieve for the Obama admin which will keep it as fresh as possible with the ever helpful liberal media complex ,as the other stories are decimating the ‘Facebook’ presidents credibility domestically . Internationally he is an established joke (apart form the liberal Europe) , Russia and its strongman Putin are crying in disbelief at what they getting away with and compromises the president gave away so that his latest ‘threat’ of pulling out of talks is way to little way too late. Add to that Egypt , Iran and Israel you have a president that’s alienated nearly every single international ally and nation of importance that the United States has. Like I said , never call a bottom because him offering mutual reduction in nuclear weapon stockpiles as well as defence cuts and military dismantling has sent strong messages to allies in the east that the US isn’t in good shape to make good on military and nuclear treaties . This completes the alienation of global allies , increases the risk of nuclear proliferation and further increases the risk of terrorism . Not bad for a couple months into the second term . My big issue with everything happening in the states is Benghazi , where are the ‘I ‘am Amb. Chris Stevens ” campaigns , the ‘Justice for Chris Stevens’ posters and rallies ?
My guess is this , unless its a issue , scandal or blunder that doesn’t paint the US as a racist , bigoted , evil , unfair , oppressive and terrible country then its not worth perusing because its not following the narrative that America needs a ‘fundamental transformation’ , political code words that mean different things to different people . He sticks to America and many stick to him because the liberals have managed to convince many Americans that their founding values are evil and wrong via apologizing for them , embracing the terrorists values and organisations , attacking constitutional rights and dividing the country along almost every line but most importantly , on the belief in those values and a media that is horribly invested in this president . Look no further than Detroit as the blue print for the US’s future under the new founding father , America’s architect and the Democrat party . One founder , one president , one party .



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