USA : Another new low

Posted: July 15, 2013 in World

In another new low from what was the home of the brave , land of the free as the country erupts in rio ts  protests because the obvious decision in the Trayvon Martin was handed down, acquittal . Ignite the media fuelled window of opportunity to go bat shit crazy and unleash to the world the deep seated hatred that lied beneath the surface . Horrible , racist and envious people who see this as a affirmation of their belief that the country , its institutions and way of life is racist , bigoted and the cause of the personal failings through a sham trial .

The sacrifice to the mob was taken from them and now they are pissed , their bloodlust was ramped up ready for ceremonial judgement that would appease the legion of haters and their masochistic ‘ Klingons ‘ looking to ‘purify ‘ themselves by ingratiation and genuflexion to the cult of suffering .

None of the facts matter , nothing could shake the belief of Zimmerman’s  guilt  because white = bad racist (Hispanic ?? ) and black = innocent black . You see , stats don’t matter , facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter if it contradicts the running narrative which in retrospect will be looked at as being spurred on by the media party . It can be fairly well presented as a case which did expose the ‘institutional’  racism that exists in the US , that’s the self loathing liberal degenerates whose idea’s and policies have decimated the black communities in America and their ‘useful idiots’  creating a scene for political purposes .

Fact is George Zimmerman was going to always have a biased trial that was not in his favour , despite the flaws in the legal system it does and did produce a just result. Even with the immense pressure , the facts told their own story which contradicted the running narrative and the media saw the writing on the wall , as did the DOJ who was also so gracious  as to go out of their way to  ferment racial tension in Sanford .

Gladly , the real story is unfolding and the media party is trying their best to reframe the narrative as a miscarriage of justice and a ‘wake-up’ call that the justice system is a deeply flawed and racist system . (Sure the cumulative legal frame work devised over centuries and handed down through legal generation after generation is wrong because the blood lust of the mob isn’t satisfied).



PS: Keep banging the fake racism drum  , its saturation will negate the vacuous term it has become .


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