EFF :what you need to know

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Africa, South Africa

Watch and learn , national socialists big plans ! Save us all if they have more than 3 peoples support. Most know where this is headed if they get any kind of voice when he’s a big Zimbabwe fan , has a real affinity for Venezuela and Cuba with their mass murdering icons of human suffering and oppression .  Please do note that while their primary policy is the removal of private property rights , Julius is fighting in court to retain some of the many properties he owns  from the state because of tax fraud (anti-corruption ?????) of around 17million he somehow raised off a self declared R20k salary . To boot a roaring racist who was about 9 years old when Apartheid ended will somehow be looked over . The pathetic , biased , racist media who let this guy get away without asking a single tough question is merely complicity , low and behold Steve ‘the racist’ Hoffmeyer says something true but racially ‘insensitive ‘ and its battle stations but a genocide singing , racist commie who’s goal is the destruction of SA as a free democracy is the media love child , you can sell a lot of newspapers , get loads of clicks  and screw the risk, danger of this vile human being and his ‘useful’ idiots . The berets ! Please you little ignorant wannabe revolutionaries are not militants but self loathing cowards who project your filth at the rest of us .


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