Nothing to See : Just the rumblings of ethnic cleansing and genocide

Posted: July 12, 2013 in South Africa
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Right its very taboo to bring up what is dubbed white genocide in South Africa , which is your first red flag because you will not try  to stop speech and discussion on  a topic  which would easily be refuted ? hmmm……

Even in the White community its a bit of a no-go area , I mean looking at the ‘stats’ (which are non-existent ) we can see a completely different picture . Whites are wealthy , live in security villages and have a wonderful life in the ‘New South Africa ‘.

For some at least that get pressed up in the media as the norm , add some fantastical stats on that and its non-sense .

Devil is in the details however , South Africa’s white population is down more than 10% since 1900 where they represented 20% of the population . It now sits at around 9% , including those that have left the country for various reasons including the incredible crime levels (no-one is untouched by violent crime) , race based discrimination , opportunity ect.

Then there’s the demonization , vilification , dehumanisation  and public songs sung at political rallies calling for said ‘white genocide ‘ .

Don’t forget precious Mandela singing about it too :

Strangely its the so-called born free generation that’s seems to be very excited about this subject including our friend below :



Brave enough to even tweet it to the police service (organised crime) and the human rights council (Human rights shield for the ruling Marxists)

We must just keep quite though because the ivory tower whites seem fine , I mean go to Cape town or Joburg , everything is cool .  Despite the recurring home invasions , torture and wiping out of families , you can’t talk about it because it might upset black peoples feelings and you know crime affects everyone . Indeed but until they release accurate stats (they only release stats when they want now , refused before ) then the scale of the problem can really be acknowledged . Until then the daily news of another friend or acquaintance being robbed , raped , tortured and killed will continue , with out evidence we can claim we all share the ‘crime problem’ (violence epidemic) , it does seem to be shared a bit more by some . Lets not forget the plight of women , in SA its up to 3600 rapes a day . Grannies , children (they like the children) , anybody! Must be that poverty that gets them all horned up for a rape , or is it the anti-retroviral /weed/rat poison drug combination called ‘wonga’ that’s so popular . Yes , they free Hiv medication is being used and sold to make drugs , no effect on the mutations and need for new kinds of anti-retroviral. Many problems but surely the threats and trend that looks like genocide should be taken with some degree of importance even if at the surface it seems improbable.  (white washing of the problem – only 1-2% of the population ? where did you get that figure and well how many is enough ? 100 000 , 200 000 till we say ok lets say something ) .


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