Seriously Eskom ? Really if you ever wanted a perfect case study on why Govt should not run businesses then look no further than Eskom . The state monopoly behemoth that supplies power to South Africa , now after massive increases in price (no negative effect on the economy there) they still need further funds . I’m again blown away by the remarkable incompetence of anyone elected to run these institutions but then again to be qualified as a minister all you need is to be a card carrying member of the ruling alliance who knows their place . Don’t worry they are democratic , just in the kind of Marxist way . Lets name a few of these state ‘companies’ bringing in a revenue to fill the treasury with cash to uplift the country :
Eskom – Fail see above link. (monopoly)
SAA (Airline) – FAIL
Telkom – FAIL (monopoly)
SABC( State broadcaster) – FAIL

Lets stop there but follow this for a slice of what we getting at here .

Of course Govt wants even more state involvement in the nationalisation of mines and banks , not they haven’t sabotaged the mining industry enough or the construction industry (by not paying their bill) . They are the best and most efficient body to run these companies and industries. Only 44% of the economy is in state hands and with this performance, we definitely need to move forward with their ‘democratic’ plan to fully manage all property and means of production in the country .

Eat the crumbs peasants , the ruling elite have you where they want you . On the floor while they eat at the table .

Zuma’s new home paid for by the taxpayer



Common SA home


Lets not forget the beautiful new homes being built for the people , unfortunately its deed stays with the state and administered by the unelected chiefs.



The ruling alliance : no writing on the wall here .



It’s those greedy white monopoly capitalists (WTF?) you need to watch out for !  They build stuff and create jobs , just to exploit you.




How did it come to this !





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