South Africa 2014 elections: Pre-match Build-up

Posted: July 2, 2013 in South Africa
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There’s a lot to talk about when looking ahead at the elections in 2014, what is being touted as probably the most important elections since 94’ is going to be a test on South African public’s faith in the ruling ANC . A faith that has been fairly unshaken since it assumed power.
So why the entire hullabaloo if the picture has been consistent for quite some time? Well there are ‘new’ parties entering the fray which are going to change the political landscape, apparently. We have seen this show before in 08 when the first salvo of high ranking ANC members who were on the wrong side of the camp Zuma juggernaut of the Polokwane conference break away. Forming the party COPE (Congress of the people), much excitement but with a small showing at the poles it relegated the party to minnow status and since been riddled with leadership and pubic squabbles. The ANC will know that any new party will face similar issues, particularly those defecting from the mother body. In the interim , the camp Zuma juggernaut has continued to shed even the most ardent supporters from its ranks , the most high profile being Julius (‘I will kill for Zuma’) Malema . The ANC youth league leader, dismissed by camp Zuma and ostracised by the ANC. The relationship soured, the youth league got disbanded and now JM is starting his own party the EFF (Economic freedom fighters). The next upstart to emerge is Agang , a new party started by the Apartheid activist , business women and former life partner of Steve Biko , Mamphela Aletta Ramphele . Still in its fledgling stages its policies are still in ‘draft’ status, it appears to be trying to draft its policies from a grass root input level. Its aims are ambitious but its policies still unclear. Let’s not forget National Freedom Party (NFP) , a offshoot of the IFP (Inkatha Freedom party) formed in 2011 .
So the line-up looks as this:
ANC – Jacob Zuma – 65.9% (09)
DA – Helen Zille – 16.66 % (09)
COPE – Mosiuoa Lekota – 7.42%(09)
IFP – Mangosuthu Buthelezi – 4.55% (09)
Agang – Mamphela Ramphele – ?
EFF – Julius Malema – ?
NFP- Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi – ?
The rest are sub-1% parties and combined aren’t big enough to match any of the established parties.
These are the likely players in the 14’ election in SA , with a ground swell of dissent in the South African public around the performance , scandal and corruption in the ruling congress as well as the continuing poverty and economic hardship many think it will be another defining moment in SA politics and for the country as a whole . Keep an eye out for future articles where we can call them back and tell them “You’re dreaming”.


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