FlagBritislam_2In the last few days, US bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from entering the UK. Their presence will not be considered for the public good, so you are out. A bastion of free speech has been rendered a dhimmi of Saudi censorship but more than that, they weren’t even going to speak, their mere presence has been determined as a problem. I’m still quite amazed that this isn’t the biggest story on international news, a pillar of western values and culture has been replaced by special protection for a specific segment of the population’s feelings. Neither has any major new organisation which has covered the story asked for either their comments. This is astonishing, threat of violence and terror has won over Britain, their resolve rendered malleable. You see the people who do commit acts of violence and terror are not the problem but the people fighting them are. Irrespective of whether what they say is indeed true, or whether they advocate violence, it is irrelevant to whether or not they hurt a particular segment of the population’s feelings. To point out the daily offence that the majority of Britain’s put up with for a variety of reasons is futile, because in a world where there are different laws and rules for different segments of the population, the entire legal framework has been rendered defunct and as such you will be treated under the law by your group identity. Equal treatment under the law is completely lost and therefore the bedrock of the legal system is lost. The individual is lost and anything goes really, except for common people in Britain (not so common any more), where you will be policed beyond what the law allows anyway. Ask EDL leaders who were arrested for merely attempting to walk past a religious building (banned route apparently). If Anjem Choudary was arrested for trying to walk past St Pauls then I’m sure an entire different set of laws would apply. It appears that any amount of disrespect and insult can be thrown at the Crown, Britain, England, the armed forces, deceased soldiers, its values, its principles, its beliefs, its history, its people, its children ect but low and behold any kind of criticism is passed in the direction (true or not) at a particular ideology or ideological segment of a particular demographic and the state will be at all hands to ensure censorship and protection. The hypocrisy of the British Government, the contradictions and inability to remember what made it great is an incredible indicator as to the trouble it is in. It doesn’t take a academic to see the path ahead, the island will no longer be the United Kingdom , its culture completely destroyed , its values rejected and it will hobble along until it cracks and breaks . Its accumulated knowledge, philosophy, rule of law and governance obliterated under the heel of fear, not just of violence (they can put up with a lot of violence being perpetrated against its people) but of the elite being called a name. Again, certain sections of the population feelings are of more worth than common people’s lives. What happened, how has it come this?


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