Womens rights : Saudi styles (graphic)

Posted: June 27, 2013 in World
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Another win for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia with a men’s only ” Women in society conference ” . No need for a single woman’s voice because its worth half that of a man’s anyway . Outrageous! well I tend to agree but it does give me pause when a columnist from the Telegraph (female) cannot resist to make this relative to the clearly comparable gender inequality in the UK . These grey suited man dominated UK conferences are obviously comparable to Saudi Arabian gender equality conditions  and therefore its a ‘gag’  . It couldn’t possibly be real , scope and scale have no bearing so much so that a squib can be compared to 40ton bunker busting bomb.

a A Saudi princess before her beheading in a scene from drama-documentary Death of a Princess imagesCAKM3RUN iranexecute muslim_woman_25 muslim-violence

Of course the real gender equality story is a woman’s right to drive



I’ll have to dig a bit harder to find the UK morality police department buildings to voice my concerns about the treatment of women in the community





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