Fecal Activism : Cape Town

Posted: June 26, 2013 in South Africa
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Well we’ve reached that point in South Africa as protests and political disputes descend into a faeces throwing …. like Chimpanzees .   From throwing your own/everyone’s shit at politicians cars to the steps of parliament , its now reached the building where tourists and diplomats first step onto South African soil the Cape Town International Airport. We’ve come to expect a degree of hypocrisy in daily life but its difficult to turn away a opportunity to point out that demanding dignity by throwing shit at people isn’t building your case. If only they could turn their activism into actual actions which move towards achieving your goal rather than waiting for the people you assault with faeces to do it for you would be a novel idea .  Then again, who I ‘am I to contradict scientists who see this kind of behaviour as a sign of intelligence and the more accurate your are ,the more intelligent .


parallel behaviour’s?


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