SA : Labour Relations

Posted: June 25, 2013 in South Africa
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The ruling ANC in South Africa has proclaimed that it and its alliance partners are champions of the working-class , but unless you are a raving leftist nut-job then you’d know: always to be overly sceptical of politicians proclamations in this regard. These are professionals at writing cheques that their ass can’t cash. True to form , when the opportunity to vote on the new Labour relations bill comes about in parliament, they cannot get enough of their MP’s to work so they can vote on the bill.  Now this would also require remaining conscious for an extended period to cast said vote, which in the South African parliament would be considered an accomplishment . Anyhow , this bill addresses the calls by labour unions for  labour reform and the ‘banning’ of Labour brokers which has been ‘the’ major issue for the 2m strong Cosatu alliance . So the window of opportunity arises within the legislature and the ruling alliance doesn’t pitch . Some would call this a reprieve as the opposition walked out to further frustrate the handful of semi-conscious ANC MP’s  looking to rubber stamp some more laws to further strangle the economy . Yet, no-one and not even the opposition makes the obvious conclusion . If the ruling class really gave two shits about the working class then attending a parliamentary session (their jobs) on a core issue would be expected but just like a battered wife , they’ll be back singing the praises and defending their leaders against any critic .


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