So the Fed didn’t taper at all against the predictions of economists and to the bewilderment of markets. Econo-mystics’ are left scratching their heads while dollar signs flash in the eyes of traders and markets. It’s comical really because for all the training and education in the world they seem to be missing a fundamental point. Markets are spiking worldwide on the news of continuing cheap money (or at least they think it is) and it’s completely rational in the upside down world we find ourselves. Further QE would indicate that the economy is in bad shape and give pause to markets but the opposite is happening, bad news is good news and this has been the trend in the bizzaro world we’re navigating.
What is this fundamental thing people are all missing? It’s not a free market! We’ve entered the age of central bank economies, not the full trot communist centrally planned economy dictating where exactly the means of production are deployed (pretty close) but ‘planned’ via monetary extension. ie: essentially Ben Bernanke is maintaining interest rates low , bond yields low so that they push capital flows into the market . This is why you have the S&P hitting all time highs while the economy is ‘recovering’ modestly. The Fed’s objective with this is to encourage capital expenditure by companies through low interest rates and as such spur employment , even employing ‘forward guidance’ as new tool in the arsenal because there isn’t any more wiggle room with rates adjustment without chronic effects . Problem is a diminishing return with each leg of QE they put out.
Basically now, all the economics that you learned in college isn’t working. The figures don’t add up if you like but the premise is this; the market is being given the illusion of free market price determination but it’s not. It’s a Keynesian control economy, from’ intervention ‘to occupation if you like. We did a bit and it worked out ok so now let’s just run the whole damn thing. Business leaders smell the stench but can’t quite locate the rotting fish head their peers left in their dorm room. Like I said in a previous blog post , never call a bottom because it can always get worse so the party is on today but watch out for the hangover.



Crime SA :

Posted: September 18, 2013 in South Africa

South African crime stats will be released tomorrow and the annual dump of ‘reliable’ statistics will provide another window into the scourge that plaguing society as a whole. If crime was a Olympic sport then South Africa would definitely be a ranked medal contender. The humble competitor thats modest about their performance and results. Crime is out of control , murder , rape , child rape , child murder , robbery , home invasions , atm bombing ect .
The police are horribly under-trained, under staffed, modestly paid, killed, demonised and remarkably over worked. This results in shoddy police work, bribery and corruption .Prosecutors then have terribly low conviction rates, get over worked and justice is lost. These failures have a knock on effect of the public’s loss of faith in the police and judiciary. Add to that a president who is quick to release convicts because of overcrowding and maximum sentencing for murderers of 13 yrs due to the same reason, you get a picture of a truly broken system of justice. So much so that communities take action themselves through mob justice, truly horrifying events where people gather kids around to watch someone’s skull be split open by rocks or burnt alive. This is often intermingled with xenophobic attacks which have flared up over the past few years. South Africa is the country with the highest rate of asylum seekers in the world, more so than the collective asylum seekers in Europe. No-one knows how many are really in the country.
The there is the massive problem of the police service itself and its officials. Many police officers are incapable of writing a statement (a national program was set out to address his) , many do not have drivers licences , police stations require private security because they keep been robbed by armed criminals and their guns stolen . Then there is the problem of the police themselves being convicted criminals;
They included a major general, 10 brigadiers, 21 colonels, 10 majors, 43 lieutenant colonels, 163 captains, 84 lieutenants, 716 warrant officers, 267 sergeants, 129 constables, and two personnel officers.
They also have one police commissioner (Jackie Salebi) in prison on corruption charges and ‘friends’ with a convicted drug lord, another dismissed due to corrupt management of state resources and the new commissioner that was in charge over the Marikana massacre .
The govt and police gloss over these things as usual stipulating legal caveats as justification but it seems this is rather norm than the exception.

The Western Cape has a gang problem (for many, many years) , they rule the streets in the Cape flats and their power comes from fear , drugs , violence , money and poverty. There have been many efforts to deal with this and every single one has failed, you have ex-gang members addressing the youth, police action groups, community meetings and govt assistance to no effect. The problem is getting worse.

The gangs are endemic in these communities, the picture looks bleak and it’s going to get bleaker. Firstly everything that has been tried to address the situation is not going to magically remedy the problem if it didn’t work the first 5 times.  Second the province is in the administration of the opposition so national govt support will not be freely forth coming; they are simply not going to aid their opponents in scoring political victories. Our politics isn’t quite there yet. Next the gangs and members and leadership will react to any actions they see and know are a threat and they will prosecute their response in the means they know how through violence, intimidation and terror.

Now here is when you really not going to like what you hear, what to do about it.

Firstly, the communities need to acknowledge that the gangsters are not aliens or imports. These, particularly boys are from the communities which they live. It’s your sons, brothers, cousins and husbands. It means tough love for those in your family to stop them from getting involved in gangs and getting them out of gangs. If your 14yr old son comes home with a new iphone 5 when he has no job or means of income then you need to act immediately and contact the authorities.  Rather deal with a misdemeanour now than a murder charge later.  The message should be that there is no shelter and protection at home from drug and gang involvement, it’s a clear boundary on what is and isn’t tolerated. You are not protecting them you are enabling them and as such endangering the rest of family and neighbours.  If this isn’t done, the game is lost and the gangs win. Evil preys on your good nature, remember that.  Understand what you are getting into, it’s a war. You and the community are entering a war, not only between gangs but with authorities and now you. People will be hurt, killed and families torn apart. It’s happening now anyway whether you choose to be or not. Rather not deny or not think about it but focus on the objective; a safe and secure free community.

Once you have established clear moral boundaries at home and in the community as well as the will to address it then you can move onto a strategy for combating the problem.

Objectives, fairly easily it’s to rid the areas and communities from gangs.

Strategy is this, first thing is intelligence.  Find out everything you can about the gangs. Who they are, who are gang members and who are the leaders, find out the organisational structures and how they finance and arm themselves. Find out about the cultures and relationships as well as symbols, signs, history of the gangs and how they communicate. This must be second hand knowledge to everyone and any changes must also be known and communicated. This will expose both their weaknesses and strengths.

One of the mistakes has been to attack/address the drug problem first, the extent of the drug problem is a result of the gangs so they simply adapt and re-emerge. Go straight for the gangs and the drug problems will be far easier to tackle.

The over arching strategy is, Suppression, Intervention and Prevention as a comprehensive model.

Suppression, this involves actively taking on gangs through the authorities and intelligence services. Essentially the objective here is to take down the structures and power of the gangs. Here the strategy is head and heart as attack points. Gangs have leaders and so they need to be removed from influence, this means looking at the structures and specifically targeting key leaderships so that the entire structure is becomes untenable. This must be co-ordinated so as that one gang simply doesn’t fill the void left by another. Things like sending these gang leaders to prisons to another province and away from his sphere of influence and ability to communicate. Once the head is severed then the window to attack the heart of the gang is open for assault.  The heart of gangs is the ‘family’ culture and protection it provides, so here you want to bring in key individuals while the head is off and they are unprotected, break this down before they can restructure.  This can involve deals as well as playing off one gang against another (your gang is weak , the others will get you). Isolate and pressure and dissolve the decision making structures at the mid-level. These operations must be conducted with extreme prejudice, for the first time a real sense of fear from authorities must be present to provide credible leverage and entice co-operation. If effective then reaction and retaliation would be prevented and intervention can occur.

Intervention is a program of picking up individual members particularly the youth and placing them in various programs outside of the community and away for a significant time. This is offering training and development over incarceration, not only that but imprisonment outside of the gangs sphere of influence and not the established holiday with your friends that prison provides gang members now. (You’re going to a Mpumalanga prison where you know no-one). Outreach and a number of other programs can be used in this phase.

Prevention, this phase can be applied from the start but most effectively when the threat level from gangs is low. It is essentially preventing further kids from going into gangs so improving school engagement and performance, fostering positive attitudes towards police, and changing youths’ perceptions about gangs. This involves the formation of clubs, groups and sports as positive alternatives. Getting parents actively involved in school and extra-curricular activities.  Getting teens into part time employment roles and exposing them to the world beyond the community they live. Lastly paint, lots of paint and equipment. Painting over the symbols and graffiti related to the gangs and the culture. Getting the community improve the aesthetics of their neighbourhoods like picking up trash , painting walls , clearing drainage and gutters so that a visible improvement takes place . Success breeds success , if the crime goes down business moves in and development starts to localise and opportunities start become more abundant and it’s not necessarily sought outside so that the inevitability of peoples prospects improve.

Here is the biggest hurdle; scale. The scale of the problem is enormous, some 100 000 gang members in the WC and only 16 628 police officers.  Without  almost complete community cooperation and involvement, it will only metastasize further and deep the problem. Govt and police ect alone have no chance of dealing with this, not out of lack of effort or empathy but merely scale and resources.

Gangs, drugs and crime are a cycle. Breaking the cycle tends to require sharp and swift intervention followed by sustained action.  It cannot also be achieved by the actions of authorities alone, it requires both leadership from the communities, govt and police.

PS: If you glorify the gang culture , your part of the problem .





Posted: September 18, 2013 in World

Wait a minute?


The peace-maker , Snowden’s snuggle buddy and humble Russian bear wrestler.

Journalists killed Under Putin (incl. 2nd Chechen conflict)



  1. 1 February – Vladimir Yatsina, a photocorrespondent with ITAR-TASS. On his first and only trip to Chechnya he was kidnapped and later killed (by a group of Wahhabis some suggest).[83] Homicide [J].
  2. 10 February – Ludmila Zamana, Samara. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  3. 9 March – Artyom Borovik, Sovershenno sekretno periodical and publishing house, director and journalist. Sheremetyevo-1 Airport, Moscow. Incident not confirmed [?J].
  4. 22 March – Luisa Arzhieva, correspondent for Istina mira newspaper (Moscow). Avtury, Chechnya. Crossfire [?J].
  5. 17 April – Oleg Polukeyev, Homicide.
  6. 1 May – Boris Gashev, literary critic, . Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 13 May – Alexander Yefremov, Chechnya. A photojournalist with west Siberian newspaper Nashe Vremya, Yefremov died when militants blew up a military jeep in which he was travelling. On previous assignments, Yefremov won acclaim for his news photographs from the war-torn region. Crossfire [J].
  8. 16 July – Igor Domnikov, from Novaya Gazeta, Moscow. Struck over the head with a hammer in the stairwell of his Moscow apartment building, Domnikov lay in a coma for two months. His murderer was identified in 2003 and convicted in 2007 [13]. The men who ordered and organised the attack have been named by his paper but not charged. Homicide [J].
  9. 26 July – Sergei Novikov, Radio Vesna, Smolensk. Shot in a contract killing in stairwell of his apartment building. Claimed that he often criticized the administration of Smolensk Region. Homicide [?J].
  10. 21 September – Iskander Khatloni, Radio Free Europe, Moscow. A native of Tajikistan, Khatloni was killed at night in an axe attack on the street outside his Moscow apartment block. His assailant and the motive of the murder remain unknown. A RFE/RL spokeswoman said Khatloni worked on stories about the human-rights abuses in Chechnya.[84] Homicide [nJ].
  11. 3 October – Sergei Ivanov, Lada-TV, Togliatti. Shot five times in the head and chest in front of his apartment building. As director of largest independent television company in Togliatti, he was an important player on the local political scene.[85] Homicide. Gang responsible on trial [nJ].
  12. 18 October – Georgy Garibyan, journalist with Park TV (Rostov), murdered in Rostov-on-Don [nJ].
  13. 20 October – Oleg Goryansky, freelance journalist, press & TV. Murdered in Cherepovets, Vologda Region. Conviction [nJ].
  14. 21 October – Raif Ablyashev, photographer with Iskra newspaper. Kungur, Perm Region. Homicide [nJ].
  15. 3 November – Sergei Loginov, Lada TV (Togliatti). Incident not confirmed [nJ].
  16. 20 November – Pavel Asaulchenko, cameraman for Austrian TV, Moscow. Contract killing. Conviction of perpetrator [nJ].
  17. 23 November – Adam Tepsurkayev, Reuters, Chechnya. A Chechen cameraman, he was shot at his neighbor’s house in the village of Alkhan-Kala (aka Yermolovka). Tepsurkayev filmed most of Reuters’ footage from Chechnya in 2000, including the Chechen rebel Shamil Basayev having his foot amputated. Homicide (war crime) [J].
  18. 28 November – Nikolai Karmanov, retired journalist. Lyubim, Yaroslavl Region. Homicide [nJ].
  19. 23 December – Valery Kondakov, freelance photographer. Killed in Armavir, Krasnodar Region [nJ].


  1. 1 February – Eduard Burmagin, Homicide.
  2. 24 February – Leonid Grigoryev, Homicide [nJ].
  3. 8 March – Andrei Pivovarov, Homicide.
  4. 31 March – Oleg Dolgantsev, Homicide [nJ].
  5. 17 May – Vladimir Kirsanov,[87] chief editor. Kurgan, Urals Federal District. Homicide [J].
  6. 2 June – Victor Popkov, Novaya gazeta contributore, died in Moscow Region hospital. Wounded in Chechnya two months earlier. Crossfire [J].
  7. 11 September – Andrei Sheiko, Homicide [nJ].
  8. 19 September – Eduard Markevich, 29, editor and publisher of local newspaper Novy Reft in Sverdlovsk Region. Shot in the back[87] in a contract killing, homicide [J].
  9. 5 November – Elina Voronova, Homicide [nJ].
  10. 16 November – Oleg Vedenin, Homicide.
  11. 21 November – Alexander Babaikin, Homicide [nJ].
  12. 1 December – Boris Mityurev, Homicide.


  1. 18 January – Svetlana Makarenko, Homicide.
  2. 4 March – Konstantin Pogodin, Novoye Delo newspaper, Nizhni Novgorod. Homicide.
  3. 8 March – Natalya Skryl, Nashe Vremya newspaper, Taganrog. Homicide [?J].
  4. 31 March – Valery Batuyev, Moscow News newspaper, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  5. 1 April – Sergei Kalinovsky, Moskovskij Komsomolets local edition, Smolensk. Homicide [nJ].
  6. 4 April – Vitaly Sakhn-Vald, photojournalist, Kursk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 25 April – Leonid Shevchenko, Pervoye Chtenie newspaper, Volgograd. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 29 April – Valery Ivanov, founder and chief editor of Tolyattinskoye Obozrenie newspaper, Samara Region.[87] Contract killing [J].
  9. 20 May – Alexander Plotnikov, Gostiny Dvor newspaper, Tyumen. Homicide.
  10. 6 June – Pavel Morozov, Homicide.
  11. 25 June – Oleg Sedinko, founder of Novaya Volna TV & Radio Company, Vladivostok. Contract killing, explosive in stairwell [nJ].
  12. 20 July – Nikolai Razmolodin, general director of Europroject TV & Radio Company, Ulyanovsk. Homicide.
  13. 21 July – Maria Lisichkina Homicide [nJ].
  14. 27 July – Sergei Zhabin, press service of the Moscow Region governor. Homicide [nJ].
  15. 18 August – Nikolai Vasiliev, Cheboksary city, Chuvashia. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  16. 25 August – Paavo Voutilainen, former chief editor of Karelia magazine, Karelia. Homicide [nJ].
  17. 4 September – Leonid Kuznetsov, “Periodicals of Mari-El” publishing house, Yoshkar-Ola.[89] Incident not confirmed [?J].
  18. 20 September – Igor Salikov, head of information security at Moskovskij Komsomolets newspaper in Penza. Contract killing [nJ].
  19. 26 September – Roderick (Roddy) Scott, Frontline TV Company, Great Britain. Crossfire [J].
  20. 2 October – Yelena Popova, Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  21. 19 October – Leonid Plotnikov Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  22. 26 October – Tamara Voinova (Stavropol) and Maxim Mikhailov (Kaliningrad), Dubrovka theatre siege (“Nord Ost” show), Moscow. Terrorist Act [nJ].
  23. 21 December – Dmitry Shalayev, Kazan, Tatarstan. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].



  1. 7 January – Vladimir Sukhomlin, Internet journalist and editor,, Moscow. Homicide. Off-duty police convicted of his murder, not those behind this contract killing [J].
  2. 11 January – Yury Tishkov, sports commentator, Moscow. Contract killing [nJ].
  3. 21 February – Sergei Verbitsky, publisher BNV newspaper. Chita. Homicide [nJ].
  4. 18 April – Dmitry Shvets, TV-21 Northwestern Broadcasting, Murmansk. Deputy director of the independent TV-21 station (Northwestern Broadcasting), he was shot dead outside the TV offices. Shvets’ colleagues said the station had received multiple threats for its reporting on influential local politicians. Contract killing [nJ].
  5. 3 July – Yury Shchekochikhin, Novaya gazeta, Moscow. Deputy editor of Novaya gazeta and a Duma deputy since 1993, he died just a few days before his scheduled trip to USA to discuss the results of his journalist investigation with FBI officials. He investigated “Three Whales Corruption Scandal” that allegedly involved high-ranking FSB officials. Shchekochikhin died from an acute allergic reaction. There has been much speculation about cause of his death. Investigation into his death has been opened and closed four times. Homicide [J].
  6. 4 July – Ali Astamirov, France Presse. Went missing in Nazran [?J].
  7. 18 July – Alikhan Guliyev, freelance TV journalist, from Ingushetia. Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 10 August – Martin Kraus, Dagestan. On way to Chechnya. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 9 October – Alexei Sidorov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye, Togliatti. Second editor-in-chief of this local newspaper to be murdered. Predecessor Valery Ivanov shot in April 2002.[87] Homicide. Supposed killer acquitted [?J].
  10. 24 October – Alexei Bakhtin, journalist and businessman, formerly Mariiskaya pravda. Mari El. Homicide [nJ].
  11. 30 October – Yury Bugrov, editor of Provincial Telegraph. Balakovo, Saratov Region. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  12. 25 December – Pyotr Babenko, editor of Liskinskaya gazeta. Liski, Voronezh Region. Homicide [nJ].


  1. 1 February – Yefim Sukhanov, ATK-Media, Archangelsk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  2. 23 March – Farit Urazbayev,cameraman, Vladivostok TV/Radio Company, Vladivostok. Incident not Confirmed [nJ].
  3. 2 May – Shangysh Mongush, correspondent with Khemchiktin Syldyzy newspaper, Tuva. Homicide [?J].
  4. 9 May – Adlan Khasanov, Reuters reporter, died in Grozny bomb attack that killed Chechen President Ahmed Kadyrov. Terrorist Act [J].
  5. 9 June – Paul Klebnikov, chief editor of newly established Russian version of Forbes magazine, Moscow. Contract killing, alleged perpetrators put on trial and acquitted. Homicide [J].
  6. 1 July – Maxim Maximov, journalist with Gorod newspaper, St Petersburg. Body not found. Homicide [J].
  7. 10 July – Zoya Ivanova, TV presenter, Buryatia State Television & Radio Company, Ulan Ude, Buryatia. Homicide [nJ].
  8. 17 July – Pail Peloyan, editor of Armyansky Pereulok magazine, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 3 August – Vladimir Naumov, nationalist reporter, Cossack author (Russky Vestnik, Zavtra), Moscow Region. Homicide [nJ].
  10. 24 August – Svetlana Shishkina,journalist, Kazan, Tatarstan. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  11. 24 August – Oleg Belozyorov, Moscow-Volgograd flight. Terrorist Act [nJ].
  12. 18 September – Vladimir Pritchin, editor-in-chief of North Baikal TV & Radio Company, Buryatia. Homicide [?J].
  13. 27 September – Jan Travinsky (St Petersburg), in Irkutsk as political activist for election campaign.[92] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].


  1. 23 May – Pavel Makeyev, reporter for TNT-Pulse Company, Rostov-on-Don. Run down while photographing illegal street racing. Incident not Confirmed [?J].
  2. 28 July – Magomed Varisov, political analyst and journalist, shot dead near his home in Makhachkala, Dagestan. He “had received threats, was being followed and had unsuccessfully sought help from the local police” according to Committee to Protect Journalists. Sharia Jamaat claimed responsibility for the murder.[94] Homicide [J].
  3. 31 August – Alexander Pitersky, Baltika Radio reporter, Saint Petersburg. Homicide [?J].
  4. 3 September – Vladimir Pashutin, Smolensky Literator newspaper, Smolensk. Not Confirmed [nJ].
  5. 13 October – Tamirlan Kazikhanov, head of press service for Anti-Terrorist Center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs‘s Main Department for the Southern Federal District, Nalchik. Crossfire [J].
  6. 4 November – Kira Lezhneva, reporter with Kamensky rabochii newspaper, Sverdlovsk Region.[95] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].



  1. 8 January – Vagif Kochetkov, newly appointed Trud correspondent in the region, killed and robbed in Tula. Acquittal [nJ].
  2. 26 February – Ilya Zimin, worked for NTV Russia television channel, killed in Moscow flat. Suspect in Moldova trial. Acquittal [nJ].
  3. 4 May – Oksana Teslo, media worker, Moscow Region. Arson attack on dacha. Homicide [nJ].
  4. 14 May – Oleg Barabyshkin, director of radio station, Chelyabinsk. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  5. 23 May – Vyacheslav Akatov, special reporter, Business Moscow TV show, murdered in Mytyshchi Moscow Region. Killer caught and convicted. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  6. 25 June – Anton Kretenchuk, cameraman, local “Channel 38” TV, killed in Rostov-on-Don. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  7. 25 July – Yevgeny Gerasimenko, journalist with Saratovsky Rasklad newspaper. Murdered in Saratov. Conviction [nJ].
  8. 31 July – Anatoly Kozulin, retired freelance journalist. Ukhta, Komi. Homicide [nJ].
  9. 8 August – Alexander Petrov, editor-in-chief, Right to Choose magazine Omsk, murdered with family while on holiday in Altai Republic. Under-age murderer charged and prosecuted. Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  10. 17 August – Elina Ersenoyeva, reporter for Chechenskoye obshchestvo newspaper. Abducted in Grozny, Chechnya. Missing [?J].
  11. 13 September – Vyacheslav Plotnikov,reporter, local “Channel 41” TV, Voronezh. Incident not Confirmed [nJ].
  12. 7 October – Anna Politkovskaya, commentator with Novaya gazeta, Moscow, shot in her apartment building’s elevator;.[97][98][99][100] Four accused in contract killing, acquitted in February 2009 [J].
  13. 16 October – Anatoly Voronin, Itar-TASS news agency, Moscow. Homicide [nJ].
  14. 28 December – Vadim Kuznetsov, editor-in-chief of World & Home. Saint Petersburg magazine, killed in Saint Petersburg. Homicide [nJ].


  1. 14 January – Yury Shebalkin, retired journalist, formerly with Kaliningradskaya pravda. Homicide in Kaliningrad. Conviction [nJ].
  2. 20 January – Konstantin Borovko,presenter of “Gubernia” TV company (Russian: “Губерния”), killed in Khabarovsk.[46] Homicide. Conviction [nJ].
  3. 2 March – Ivan Safronov, military columnist of Kommersant newspaper. Died in Moscow, cause of death disputed.[102][103] Incident not Confirmed. Investigation under Incitement to Suicide (Article 110) [?J].
  4. 15 March – Leonid Etkind, director at Karyera newspaper. Abduction and homicide in Vodnik, Saratov Region. Conviction [nJ].
  5. 5 April – Vyacheslav Ifanov, Novoye televidenie Aleiska, cameraman. Previously attacked by local military. Aleisk, Altai. Incident not Confirmed [?J].
  • Marina Pisareva, deputy head of Russian office of German media group Bertelsmann was found dead at her country cottage outside Moscow in April[104][105]


(Putin’s final months as president – first 2 terms)

  1. 8 February – Yelena Shestakova, former journalist, St Petersburg. Killer sent to psychiatric prison. Homicide [nJ].
  2. 21 March – Gadji Abashilov, chief of Dagestan State TV & Radio Company VGTRK, shot in his car in Makhachkala. Homicide [?J].
  3. 21 March – Ilyas Shurpayev, Dagestani journalist covering Caucasus on Channel One, was strangled with a belt by robbers in Moscow.Alleged killers tracked to Tajikistan and convicted there of his murder. Homicide [?J].


  1. 9 July – Akhmednabi Akhmednabiev, deputy editor of the Novoe Delo was killed by several gun shots while he was driving just 50 metres from his house on the outskirts of provincial capital Makhachkala

It’s been a while since the last posts but such is the plight of the full time employed /part time blogger and one man army against lunatics in powerful places.

  • Naval base shooting – Aaron Alexis who is a mentally unstable discharged ex marine with a history of violent outbursts, shot and killed workers in a D.C naval base. After being discharged from the military for various misdemeanours he was quickly snapped up by the military contract company , given a ‘secret pass’ and authority to bugger around on navy IT systems .  The US govt and military seems to be incapable of learning lessons about vetting civilian staff that have access to military facilities and sensitive materials. Who cares about the content of character when the diversity scorecard is recruitment KPI.
  • Russia still clings to the ‘the rebels did it’ line on Syria despite the confirmation mission by the UN confirming what was known already.  After mocking the US in the post naval yard shooting, the Russians suffer a fire and damage on one of its nuclear submarines. Wonder if they’ll leave that crew to die too for Russian pride.
  • Brazil’s leader postpones US visit on spying row. No-one outside Brazil cares really and the Brazilian leadership would latch onto anything to keep the public from protesting in huge numbers over the spending on world cup soccer stadiums. ‘Look, look at the US spying on Brazil. There’s a CiA agent in your closet’.  South American leaders know that’ll get a rise out of the poor masses and chattering billionaires.
  • In some good news: Ozzies signed in the prime minister, Tony Abbot. You know he’s a top chap when the suicidal left goes to such extraordinary lengths to stigmatise the guy as a misogynist but the majority doesn’t care.
  • In Iraq more people died in the continuing and escalating violence since the Barak Obama exist of Iraq. More market and mosque bombings, horror and tragedy but on the flip side still less than the daily average death rate under Saddam.
  • UK veil ban touted.  Will the UK invoke equality and freedom and create special rights and special privileges under this banner? Who knows but I wonder if a UK court will allow the accused to wear his morph suite or Slipknot mask to court or force him against his personal belief set to remove it .
  • Without much protest from the usual militant human rights activists , one of their own in China was arrested and forced to make a televised ‘confession’ on state TV for blogging stuff the state didn’t like. Artistically it didn’t sit well with authorities so he will spend the foreseeable future in jail or worse. Nothing like cultural relativism and information ignorance to shield your exposed hypocrite nads from the good kicking they deserve.
  • GTAV is released, looks good but I get the feeling I’ve played this game before.

We all know ‘culture’ trumps common sense but are you willing to put your dong on the line? Apparently other people are quite willing to put at risk young boys dongs at the altar of ‘Culture’.

If you can cloak behaviour under the banner of ‘culture’ then the law, common sense and morality all take second place.  Every year thousands of young men are forced/coerced/abducted (whichever) into the bush to undergo initiation ceremonies whereby some ‘secret’ rituals are conducted and the young men (14-17) undergo circumcision.   Not the worst but terrifying when you know that a large number of these boys will not survive, many are mutilated and the rest become ‘men ’in accordance with cultural outlook.  The boys are often ‘operated on’ by unqualified ‘traditional healers’ in less than sterile and medically safe conditions (it’s the bush FFS), who have zero accountability for any botched surgeries because it’s all cloaked in the fog of “tradition’ and ‘culture’.

Here’s the thing, in the modern world if you can conduct medical procedures, prescribe medical treatment and be a registered medical practitioner without any govt oversight, scientific rigour, medical qualifications , legal accountability or medical insurance for that matter as long as its steeped in stone age witchcraft protected by ‘cultural rights’  . Your prescriptions (which do kill people) do not have to pass pharmaceutical testing and compliance to determine the risk and side effects of these medications. This is the realm of western medicine and a very ‘euro-centric ‘way of looking at health care.

As long as your spiritual meaning is realised on the backs of destroyed young boys and their family’s lives, it’s ok, it’s cultural. Perhaps a cultural view that surviving a bush camp with your dong intact is not a gateway to manhood but looking after your family, community as well as being a role model to young men is a determination of manhood and respect then there could be a change for the better in these communities like, lowering of cases of rape, of children born into single parent homes or sibling/grandparent led households, reducing crime, reducing drug addiction, better school results ect.

Maybe it’s just me but perhaps in the 21st century we should stop this obsession with children’s genitals and what we need to cut from them because it’s ‘what’s been done for generations’. To edit the famous Pink Floyd track:

“ Hey Preacher…….”

“Leave them kids genitals alone”

(wonder if we can get baby tattooing green lit under the guise of cultural rights??)


Never call a bottom because it can always get worse in unimaginable ways . After a full week of almost unanimous coverage of the first Zimmerman lynching attempt(no doubt there will be more) , we struck new lows with the Rolling Stone cover going with a terror chic cover on the surviving Boston bomber and accompanying white wash article . Good enough to keep the kettle boiling but just to add some accelerant , Obama comes out with another statement on the Zimmerman trial which was another display of complete buffoonery . Its enough to keep the media party in tangles so that the focus is firmly away from the litany of scandals plaguing the White house . Here’s a brief recap :

1. IRS scandal (targeting political opponents)
2. Snowden NSA scandal (spying program)
3. ATF or Fast and the Furious scandal (weapons to drug dealers)
4. AP and Rosenberg (targeted media surveillance)
5. Solyndra ( throwing good tax money after bad )
6. Black panthers (voter intimidation)
7. Eric Holder (perjury)
8. Obamacare
9. Immigration (Turning the country into a one party nation)
and last but not least important,
9. Benghazi

With all this taking a back seat to the Zimmerman trial, riots and Rolling stone its a welcome reprieve for the Obama admin which will keep it as fresh as possible with the ever helpful liberal media complex ,as the other stories are decimating the ‘Facebook’ presidents credibility domestically . Internationally he is an established joke (apart form the liberal Europe) , Russia and its strongman Putin are crying in disbelief at what they getting away with and compromises the president gave away so that his latest ‘threat’ of pulling out of talks is way to little way too late. Add to that Egypt , Iran and Israel you have a president that’s alienated nearly every single international ally and nation of importance that the United States has. Like I said , never call a bottom because him offering mutual reduction in nuclear weapon stockpiles as well as defence cuts and military dismantling has sent strong messages to allies in the east that the US isn’t in good shape to make good on military and nuclear treaties . This completes the alienation of global allies , increases the risk of nuclear proliferation and further increases the risk of terrorism . Not bad for a couple months into the second term . My big issue with everything happening in the states is Benghazi , where are the ‘I ‘am Amb. Chris Stevens ” campaigns , the ‘Justice for Chris Stevens’ posters and rallies ?
My guess is this , unless its a issue , scandal or blunder that doesn’t paint the US as a racist , bigoted , evil , unfair , oppressive and terrible country then its not worth perusing because its not following the narrative that America needs a ‘fundamental transformation’ , political code words that mean different things to different people . He sticks to America and many stick to him because the liberals have managed to convince many Americans that their founding values are evil and wrong via apologizing for them , embracing the terrorists values and organisations , attacking constitutional rights and dividing the country along almost every line but most importantly , on the belief in those values and a media that is horribly invested in this president . Look no further than Detroit as the blue print for the US’s future under the new founding father , America’s architect and the Democrat party . One founder , one president , one party .